Modular System interprets needs and ideas and materialises them through one of its specialised teams of architecture, engineering and design. Modular System assumes responsibility for the entire construction project, a “turn-key” service as it is commonly called.
Modular System provides all its customers with fast and efficient personalised attention.



In 2007, after four years of research on modular housing types combined with the possibilities of wood construction, architects Alexandre Teixeira da Silva and Miguel Ribeiro de Sousa, Arquiporto, developed a system of prefabricated wood houses that, through the combination of predefined modules, can be adapted to various solutions…standardised or personalised. They later joined with Carlos Góis, Geoinvestimento, in order to begin marketing the Modular System product.


Alexandre Teixeira da Silva

Alexandre Teixeira da Silva Founding Partner

Alexandre Teixeira da Silva has worked as an architect since 1993, systematically researching the relationship between form, metrics and materials.

Over the course of his professional career he has experimented with various types of buildings, using Concrete and Metal construction solutions, and more recently he has worked essentially with Wood.
Most of his work has been done in conjunction with Miguel Ribeiro de Sousa.

He is in charge of Modular System’s Department of RDI (Research, Development and Innovation).
Nominated for prizes in the area of architecture, environment and sustainability: Secil Prize for architecture, Green Projects Awards, COFACO Environmental Award, Wallpaper design awards, PNAM.

1967 Born in Porto

1993 Founding Partner of Atelier Arquiporto  

2006 Founding Partner of Modular System 

Miguel Ribeiro de Sousa

Miguel Ribeiro de Sousa Founding Partner

José Miguel Pereira Ribeiro de Sousa, was born on 5 December 1963 in Porto.

He received his degree in Architecture from the School of Architecture of the University of Porto in 1993. 

Did his internship with Architect Francisco Machado Lima in 1992.

Founded Arquiporto Projectos de Arquitectura e Urbanismo Lda in 1992 with Architects Alexandre Teixeira da Silva and Nuno Rodrigues Pereira, performing the duties of Architect and Managing Partner.

Taught at the UP School of Architecture (FAUP) between 1994 and 1996 and at Higher Artistic School of Porto (ESAP) between 1998 and 2000.

Elected member of the North Regional Disciplinary Board of the Architects’ Association for two terms in 2008 and 2014.

Founded Modular System SA together with Alexandre Teixeira da Silva and Carlos Góis in 2006, performing the duties of Architect and Director.

Carlos Góis

Carlos Góis Founding Partner

2006 Founding Partner of Modular System

Eugénio Macedo

Eugénio Macedo Partner
Production Manager

Degree in Architecture from the School of Architecture of the University of Porto in 1992. 

Work experience:

1991/1995 - A. Positiva - Sociedade de Arquitectos, Lda. – in partnership with Architect Óscar Marques;

1996/2000 - Eugénio Macedo & Gabriela Matias, arquitectos associados, Lda. - in partnership with Architect Gabriela Matias; 

2001/2003 - Impare Produções, Desenho e Multimédia, Lda., in partnership with Jorge Nobre and Paulo Seco. This company works in the areas of production of technical design on computer support media in the various areas of a project; the modelling of the architectural project and the coordination and management of the production of design projects;

2001 - Impare Planeamento, Gestão e Coordenação de Projectos e Obras, Lda. – Managing Partner.  This company works in the areas of the preparation and development of projects, coordination and management, the programming and cost control of projects and works; the inspection of contract jobs; technical advisory services;

2009 - Modular System, S.A., performing the duties of Director and Production Coordinator.  

Marta Machado

Marta Machado Project director

Marta Machado was born on 4 May 1979 in Santa Maria da Feira, Aveiro.

She began her studies in Architecture at the Higher Artistic School of Porto (ESAP) in 1997, receiving her licentiate degree six years later. 

During her training as an architect, she had the opportunity to participate in projects and develop public tenders, specifically for installations in the health sector. This experience became an important complement to her period of academic training. 

Upon completion of her licentiate degree, she joined the team of architects at Arquiporto with Miguel Ribeiro de Sousa, Alexandre Teixeira da Silva and Nuno Rodrigues Pereira, as a trainee, and in 2005, she became a member of the team as an architect. She worked on and directed residential projects and some installations in the health, education and hotel sectors.  

At the beginning of 2012, she joined the Modular System team, where she has been coordinating projects in the sector of residential tourism in Portugal. She currently performs the duties of project director.

Marta Lemos Silva

Marta Lemos Silva Architect

Marta Lemos Silva received her licentiate degree from the Higher Artistic School of Porto (ESAP) in 2005 and that same year she began working at the studio of Alfredo Ascensão & Paulo Henriques, arquitectos Lda.

Joined Arquiporto. Alexandre Teixeira da Silva + Miguel Ribeiro de Sousa, architects, in October 2006 as a collaborating architect. 

In May 2009 she accepted the invitation to become part of a new company, Modular System D.I.S.C.M. - s.a. working as architect, duties she continues to perform to the present time.

Ivo Lopes

Ivo Lopes Architect

Ivo Lopes was born on 25 June 1984, in Porto. He received his degree in Architecture from the School of Architecture and Arts of the Universidade Lusíada of Porto in 2005, and in 2007 he received the Master’s Degree in Urban Ecology and Sustainable Development. It was in 2007 that he began his professional career, working with two architectural offices in Porto.

In 2009 he came to Modular System as a trainee and became a member of the team as an architect in 2010.  At the same time, he specialised in BIM technology and architectural photography, completing with honours various courses in these fields.

Sara Fernandes Silva

Sara Fernandes Silva Architect

Sara Fernandes Silva was born on 3 May 1984, in Murtosa – Aveiro.

She began the Integrated Master’s course in Architecture in 2004 at the Universidade Lusíada of Porto, concluding the course in 2009.

She did her Master’s in Earth Architecture specializing in Adobe construction.

In 2010 she began her professional career as a trainee at Impare Planeamento, working now and then with Arquiporto and Modular System.

In 2011 she became a member of the project team of Modular System, and for a certain period of time, she worked with the commercial department.

She participated in various training sessions specifically for Sustainable Architecture and specialised in Wood Structures and Renovation.

Fátima Couto

Fátima Couto Purchasing manager

Fátima Couto was born on 26 November 1961 in Angola. She currently resides in Espinho, Aveiro, having concluded the 12th year of schooling at the Soares dos Reis Artistic School in Porto in 1981.

Professional career:

From 1983 to 2014 she worked at Prégaia - Pré Fabricados, Lda. She began her work experience at this company as a telephone operator, later moving to the accounting department, where she did the accounts of suppliers. She was also in charge of Procurement at this company. 

During that time, she took various training courses, including Word, Excel, Procurement Management, Stock Management, Conflict Management, Spanish, English, etc.

In 2015 she joined the team at Modular System, S.A., where she works in the Department of Logistics and Procurement  

Mafalda Ortigão

Mafalda Ortigão Commercial

She was born on 7 December 1979 in Porto.

She concluded the course in Architecture at the Higher Artistic School of Porto (ESAP) in 2004. She began her professional career that year in the Office of Projects of the Porto City Hall, where she did a year-long traineeship for access to the Architects’ Association. At the same time, and until 2006, she collaborated with the Arquiporto architectural office.

Between 2005 and 2009 she taught subjects in the area of art in the basic and secondary schools of Porto, and simultaneously drew up various architectural projects of her own.

She also worked with the office of Morais Soares Arquitectos between 2009 and 2010. She later went to work for a Portuguese company representing a Danish manufacturer of window and door frames, where she worked on detail drawings and technical support, quotes, orders and the accompaniment of jobs for 5 years.

In September 2015 she joined the Modular System team, where she works in the commercial and after-sales departments. 

José Barbosa

José Barbosa Project Planner

José Barbosa was born on 21 October 1975, in Matosinhos. He received his degree in Architecture from the Higher Artistic School of Porto (ESAP) in 2006.

His professional career began in 2003, when he worked with two architectural offices in Porto, Impare Planeamento and Impare Produções. In 2008 he worked exclusively for Impare Planeamento in drawing up projects (preliminary studies, licensing and execution) and accompaniment of jobs. 

In 2010 he became a member of the team at Modular System, working as an architect in the production department with the duties of project planner and works as foreman.

António Afonso

António Afonso Works Management and Coordination

Civil engineer from the Higher Institute of Engineering of Lisbon

Marzovis - Sociedade de Construção Lda- Foreman

Nelcivil - Construções Civis de Nelas Lda - Foreman

VGA - Construção e Instalações Especiais Lda – Production Management and Coordination – Southern Zone

Grupo Ibersol SA - Production Management and Coordination – Southern Zone (Department of Engineering)

Modular System SA - Works Management and Coordination